A Woman’s Choice

Angela Chininin Buele

Wonder personified—
The touch, the look, the wit
Glory, fascination
Heart and body did fit

A new life has begun
Made from her and from him
Yet formed by Another
Not by chance or a whim

Divine stroke—and now three,
Made all in same fashion
A single voice cried out
Supremacy, its passion

The claim—a threat was made
To life, joy, position
The offender, now silenced
In fragile condition

The rebel Court of man
Has already spoken
Four decades of silenced
Testimony unbroken

The choice unnatural
To let live or make die
The Authority stolen,
The True Maker denied

March for all to have life
Call for weeping and prayer
For no law of mankind
Can grow love in fields bare

The One who fills with breath
Sight must give to blind eyes
To receive and rejoice
At this gift of small size

The Choice of the Father,
Christ, gave all to save man
Did He not choose mothers
To love the child unplanned?

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