Stepping Out of Spiritual Abuse

Victor and Angela Chininin Buele

We have walked a hard road for the past eighteen months.  It has been a somewhat lonely road, but not entirely lonely.  God has provided grace and has been faithful to us–He has fulfilled His promise to never leave us nor forsake us.

We have been involved in a case of spiritual abuse and are able to break free of the chains, in part by breaking our silence now.

Our purpose in sharing this is to walk in repentance to call to repentance. It is not to gossip or to elicit anger. We want to see beauty from this ashes from the hand of a Savior who knows what it is like to fall into the ground and die to bear much fruit.

We want to be part of healing for those who have been similarly abused and continue to point abusers to repentance and abundant life with Christ.

We want to be able to walk in freedom and without shame. We want to walk without chains of silence imposed by others. We want to walk without fear. We want to be able to speak with authority to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. We cannot afford any more distraction or delay from this, and it is for that reason that we share this.

There are many problems at hand, but in order to move forward we are sharing our story separately. This does not mean that there is a disagreement between ourselves or that we do not stand together. It is very important that each of us expresses his and her witness in his and her own voice.

Angela’s Testimony: Angela’s Account
Victor’s Testimony: Bringing Light In

In the testimonies, there will be references to additional documentation. We have redacted personal information from these.
Charges Document to the Denomination — this is the document that was filed in March 2018 with the denomination to address this situation.
Mediator of Just Cause’s Determination — this is the document where the charges were found to be irrelevant.
Digital Conversation–October 2018 — this is how the pastors spoke about Angela among themselves.
The Slander Document — this document was provided by the senior pastor for Angela’s instruction on the subject of slander. Since we address the subject of slander in our testimony, it is important to contrast what we have presented with this document.