A Life Worth Living: You Might Be Surprised By Who Suffers Because Of Abortion and Assisted Suicide

Angela Chininin Buele

What is each life worth?  Do we get to assign that value?  I’m thankful we do not.

No one has ever designed a human being.  When clones have been made, they have been made with the material of existing creatures of which the cloning agents did not hold any intellectual property rights.

It is amazing that two special cells unite to begin the most magnificent growth chain that can send a ripple wave throughout the world, making a difference in the lives of people, discovering places, and inventing things – if, of course, that child is not aborted.

Humankind has believed a lie.  A big one.  The lie is that humans are a renewable resource.  This is not true.  Each and every human being (even identical siblings) is a one-of-a-kind person in mind, heart, creativity, desire, and humor.  Each person has strengths and weaknesses that build the complex community of the world.  No two humans have the exact same skills or the exact same dreams.

The lie leads us to believe that babies are just fetal tissue that can be scraped away now so that another baby could be conceived when the time is right, when there is more money in the bank, when you are in a relationship with the right person to start a family, when you have achieved that promotion.  However, we can identify people, by name, who have made incredible contributions to music, medicine, civil rights, architecture, travel, and more.  If any of their mothers had chosen to abort them, we would never have had the benefit of the contributions they made to society.  Who are the more than 50 million men and women who have been aborted in this country over the last 43 years?  Which diseases might they have cured?  Which Olympic medals might they have won?  Whose lives might they have saved?  Which books might they have written?  With which of them might you have developed a lifelong friendship?  Which of them might have become an astronaut, a senator, the President of the United States?

While I am not the kind of writer who can lead you into worlds you never knew existed and make you never want to leave them, I wonder if you see this vision I am clumsily trying to paint.  We have told women that children are not the blessing–work is.  In doing this, we have robbed these women –and ourselves– of the once-in-a-lifetime gift of 50 million friends and family members.

Do you want to know something even more sad?  The culture of death doesn’t stop there.  In addition to the babies who are viewed as unwanted, the aged and infirm are also vulnerable to being eliminated because younger generations have no further use for them.  The old, the sick, and the very young are weak and require work, so we have believed the lie that they can be an optional part of society.

And there we have it.  When we use people, we do not love them; and setting criteria for when their lives are “worth” living is just a way of telling them they are not as worthy as you are of life.

Key Question:  Do you believe it to be more loving to give of yourself to be a blessing to another person, or to give up on them because you fear you will not bless them well?

Unshakable Truth:  There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love (1 John 4:18).

If you love someone, you will not act out of your fear, you will deny your fear and see the blessing in people, not in possessions, status, accomplishment, or praise.

The Real Choice:  Are you willing to forsake the stuff of this life and embrace the precious life of each one-and-only person in this world?

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