From Equal Rights to Sole Responsibility: Lies Men and Women Have Believed About Children

Angela Chininin Buele

1.  The lie of neutrality

There is no neutrality when it comes to abortion.  If you are pro-life, you know abortion kills a human being, and you want to see the practice ended.  If you are pro-choice you may or may not know that abortion kills a human being, but you have decided that women are in the unique position to end the life of their child at any point before the rest of the world sees her face and officially records her presence on the earth.  If you have ever thought you were “pro-choice, but personally against abortion,” you have been mistaken.  You cannot be personally against people dying but politically driven to make sure other people have the right to kill them.

2.  The lie of peace

Women might be told that an abortion will make them feel so much better.  But the truth is that many women feel pain, fear, regret, and loneliness during and after and abortion.  There is no promise of peace.  There is no post-abortion counseling offered at the abortion clinic.  The goal there is to end life without offering anything to fill the void left.

 3. The lie of choice

We all make choices, and we make them in order to see certain goals realized in our lives.  We all have important choices to make, but they must all be made in the interest and protection of other people.  If one chooses not to have children, the goal would be not to conceive a child.  Getting pregnant and then taking action not to have children is impossible.  The child already exists.  Now, a decision to not parent the child and instead give her up for adoption is a choice that gives life.  This gift blesses the child and the mother.  They both receive the opportunity to live a full life, to write a happy ending. Shame and deep sadness, mourning and regret are not the first things to be included under the heading The Good Life.  To choose to abort does not prevent a woman from having a child.  It simply ends the growing child’s life.  And it leaves her empty.

4.  The lie of never growing up

Men who want to be boys think they can use women for sex and then leave.  They think they can say things aren’t working out when the woman becomes pregnant.  A man who is not willing to actively father his child negates his own manhood.  He wants authority but is not willing to care for or help others.  He is his own priority.  This attitude –this culture– is unable to bring growth, true flourishing.  It only leads to death.  And this can contribute to the fear and loneliness that drive women to consider abortion.

5.  The lie of equal rights

President Obama’s State of the Union speech in January 2013 sharply confronted deadbeat dads who leave kids fatherless.  This rebuke was warranted as so many children are born into already broken families.  What seemed disjointed about this accusation, however, was that President Obama is very outspoken in his support of abortion rights.  Under the current law, a woman who doesn’t want to give birth to her child, regardless of the father’s willingness to raise the child, is said to have goals and personal rights to abort for any reason.  The law does not protect the child’s right to live, and the law does not give the father the right to protect his child’s right to live.  Only the woman is given sovereignty to kill her child without penalty.  These are not equal rights; they are sovereign rights.  And they can contribute to the problem of fatherlessness by denying fathers the opportunity to  protect their children.

Key Question: Have you believed any of these lies?

Unshakable Truth: “Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long” (Psalm 25:5).

Ironically enough, the claim that abortion will help a woman feel better is not more ridiculous than hearing someone claim that becoming a Christian will make life so much easier!  When one follows Jesus, the road leads to the cross.  But when we lay down our lives so that we can be given new life in Christ, the hardest thing (surrender) leads to the very best thing (life in the light).  Here we see that the goal of the cross is to give new life.

The Real Choice: Will you reject the lies that offer death and believe the truth that gives life?

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