Abortion as Healthcare: The Tragic Business of Killing the Child and Damaging the Mother

Angela Chininin Buele

Abortion is often referred to as women’s healthcare, but the care of one’s health consists of preventing illnesses and treating illnesses.  Abortions do not effectively prevent or treat any illnesses.  The sole purpose of an abortion is to end the life of a growing child.   And why?  A fetus is not a tumor; it is a baby.  A fetus is not cancer; it is a baby.  A fetus is not an infection; it is a baby.  Very rarely is a woman’s life in such jeopardy that the only way to preserve her life is to relieve her body of the vital task of internally supporting the life of her child, but yes, it does happen.  In these rare situations, when all other treatments have been applied and failed, or as in the case of a woman who has preeclampsia who is urgently induced or on whom an emergency cesarean is performed, the child is delivered with care and surrounded by staff eager to help him or her fight to survive.  Putting forth a determined fight to save both mother and child is true health care. 

Not only is the motive of abortion given the false pretense of aiding in the mother’s physical health, it is not uncommon for women to suffer physical harm during and after an abortion.  These procedures are currently carried out using methods that can cause severe bleeding and painful cramping at home, away from medical monitoring.  During surgical abortions, damage to a woman’s cervix and uterine wall can result, either of which could increase the risk of the woman miscarrying her child during a future pregnancy.  Infection is also a possible result of an incomplete abortion, which like any infection, could threaten the life of the mother if left untreated.

You will notice that I have mentioned only the most basic physical damages and complications that can result from an abortion because the bodies of the mother and child are physical forms, and the abortion is a violent and invasive physical procedure that harms both physical bodies.  There are certainly people willing to argue that some women have mental illnesses or undue emotional stress caused by the physical presence of their respective babies growing inside of them.  Because I am aware of no credible medical evidence (I am willing to be corrected if such evidence would be supplied) that a woman’s mental health causes involuntary (i.e. non-suicidal) damage to her physical being specifically attributed to pregnancy, I cannot see why anyone would so erroneously apply the term health to abortion.

But it would seem this is not an error.  I suspect it is actually an important strategy, to be quite honest.  You see, now that the technology is available to eagerly expectant mothers and fathers who want to see their tiny baby on an ultrasound before they can hold him or her in their arms, those pictures can be seen by abortion-vulnerable women too.  And not just in two dimensional form.  Now that more medically descriptive information and personal testimonies are being shared about the horror of abortion for mothers and their unborn children, that information can be learned by those same women.  And because of these irrefutable details that reveal the truth of what goes on in the womb, the other side of the battle is fought with the strategy of misdirection, using words like “health care” and “reproductive rights” to replace abortion and choice because people are now seeing that choosing abortion is killing a child.  “Health care” and “reproductive rights” are the new bandages applied to the gaping wound of the human conscience.  Will the clean gauze of those words soon be stained with the truth as well?  I pray so.  When there are no more words to mask the problem, maybe then we will step aside for the Great Physician to sew up the wound forever, bringing true care and healing.

Key Question: If you were completely honest, would you be able to deny that abortion kills a child?

Unshakable Truth: “Can a woman forget her nursing child, that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb?  Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you”  (Isaiah 49:15)

The God who formed you in your mother’s womb is the same Creator who gives life to all unborn children.  He does not forget those whom He redeems from sin and death.

The Real Choice: What keeps you from crying out to the Great Physician to heal you and forgive you, giving you a love for not just unborn life but for eternal life?

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