A Labor of Love: The Call to Pray for Pro-choice Mothers

Angela Chininin Buele
Someone I genuinely love once sported a maternity t-shirt that had two tiny foot prints positioned over the belly and the words “pro-choice” across the chest.  I came across this photo on Facebook so I was able to take a peek into the cross-section of responses posted.  This young woman seemed to have a number of friends who made the kind of conflicted comments that communicated their discomfort with her splashing her “right” to abort on very fabric where her child’s kicks reverberated.  I remember thinking of it as the most heartbreaking veiled threat that a mother could make to the very child her body nurtured.

When my first daughter was born, this friend and I were able to visit briefly, and something she said seemed to betray her own longing for a daughter. I’m not sure she heard me, but I pointed out that she could still have one.

Almost exactly two years later, her daughter was born – prematurely and she is, by the grace of God, developing well.  This precious little girl is a gift from the Lord, who has entrusted her to the care of a mother who made herself the poster-woman for proud pregnant abortion activists.

It pains me to ask:  What happens when this child finds her mother’s maternity pro-choice shirt in a drawer or comes across the picture or hears her mother speak about her passion for the availability of abortion?  I once posed a similar question on social media to find out how people tell their own children that they are pro-choice.  Would you believe that most of the people who responded seemed to think I was either stupid, cruel or both for suggesting that anyone would talk to a child about abortion?  I don’t recall any shame or remorse regarding their pro-choice position, but there was a clear disgust for insinuation that their children be told about that.

So how does that work?  Babies and children are told that they grew big and strong in mommy’s tummy, and adolescents are told that if they get (or get someone) pregnant, there are just some cells to scrape out of the uterus?  Is that really the thought process and plan?  What if they put two and two together?  And how does that culminate on Mother’s Day?  Does the card read, “You alone have the right to choose if a child within your uterus may continue living there.  I’m so glad I made the cut”?  I have to think that even pro-choice mothers would want their children to be confident in their love for them.  Unfortunately, viewing even one child as unwanted and expendable thoroughly undermines the desire to love any other child unconditionally.

Key Question:  How can pro-lifers pray for women who raise children as they advocate for abortion rights?

Unshakable Truth: “Who is like the Lord our God, who is seated on high, who looks far down on the heavens and the earth?…He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children.  Praise the Lord!”  Psalm 113:5-6, 9

Joy, the primary byproduct of gratitude, is what is missing in the abortion rights movement.  So we need to pray for the joy of the Lord to fill the hearts of pro-choice women, especially those who are mothers.  We must pray that they will have joy in God’s purpose and timing for bringing life into the womb.  And we must pray for their joy in understanding that all children are unique and delightful gifts, given to bless their mothers and fathers.

The Real Choice: Pro-lifer, will you join me in praying for the mother I mentioned above to be given unending joy by the Lord of Life?

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